So Sayeth The Peabs


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hold on Kiddies… Peabs will be back soon

Until then, I’m going to give you some recommendations, McSweeney’s stizz. (And I am not including zombies or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in this list because that is bovs.)

The Surreal Life – Season 3
They say romance is dead… Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nelson prove them all wrong.

Garbanzo Beans
Nice little source of protein.

Caller ID
Making you feel like God by giving you the power to accept a call or let it go to voicemail.

Wetting the clothes you are wearing with water from the kitchen sink to remove wrinkles before going to work
Surprisingly effective.

Sick Days
Actually these suck because you can never really enjoy them because you are convinced all your co-workers think you are faking and you most likely are. But still you get to sleep in, so this is still recommended.

Free Nights and Weekends
Makes us use that cell phone way more than we normally would.

Garden State
So good, we even forgive them for saying in it that a Shins song from 2001 will change your life.

Instant Messenger
Because typing LOL instead of fake laughing while having real conversations takes less effort.

Moving Units
New Album Dangerous Dreams comes out October 12. It’s good.

Now acceptable at the office.

This really is one stop shopping. Someone should say that in a commercial or something.

Pony Tails
Still cute and covers up that fact that you didn’t wash your hair that day.

Now let’s hope Peabs case of the crabs clears up soon.


At 1:33 AM, Blogger Jane said...

responding to your aug. post- maybe you should get out in LA more and realize that it's not all "dumb" stereotypical LA people- although you do capture one rather flawlessly I'm impressed, an LA native like myself couldn't have done it better but please get a life.

PS go see Mean Creek if you didn't it's awsome

At 1:53 PM, Blogger Isabella said...

What kind of bullshit is that? Someone has the good grace to pick up Peabs' slack and suffers unrelated insult?
A ridiculous lapse of manners.

But back to the point, where the hell is Peabs? A week or so this is not. I'm beginning to doubt the sincerity of his return to web-published ignominy.


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